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Health Guardian actually works!

Health Guardians™ are the most effective air purifiers in the world for your entire home, office, school, or hotel room. See them in action here.


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No More Meds

Free yourself from your Allergy and Asthma medications!

“I’ve gone from taking a Zyrtec a day to only taking one in the last 4 years.” –Jared Jardine

“My prescription Asthma medication has been reduced by over 80%.” –Kip Jardine

How does pollution affect me?

How does air pollution affect me?

How great would I feel in a pollution-free environment?

Could I have avoided illness if my body hadn’t been fighting air pollution?

What if my home and office were free of pollution?

Risks of Air Pollution

Real Risks of Air Pollution

Air Pollution is Everywhere

It is made up of Particles, Odors, and Gases, all of which negatively affect your health. These pollutants are commonly found in your home and where you work.

Real Risks of Air Pollution

Other Solutions Simply Don’t Work

Perfumes and Aerosol Sprays trick your brain with pleasing odors without removing any of the harmful pollutants. Sadly, many air purifiers are simply placebos, while some are actually harmful.

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