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After extensive air quality testing of hotels and resorts we have found harmful levels of air pollution in every guest room.  Air pollution is the most common health hazard affecting our lives every day.  It’s everywhere.  We can’t see most of it, but according to The World Health Organization environmental contamination is responsible for 80% of cancer and contributes to 80% of diseases in all categories.

There is only one solution to indoor air pollution.  You must have high-efficiency high volume filters that continuously clean the air.  Our purifiers quietly remove ALL air pollution particles (solids) and capture over 300 of the most common gasses, odors and chemicals (vapors).  They are available to purchase or on a 3-year service contract for less than $4 per night per room.

To start solving your air quality problems, call 800-997-8869 or fill out the contact form below.

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