Skip the Febreeze

In Consumer Reports’ Shop Smart guide there is a list of ways to save money.  Number 11 is “Skip the Febreeze”.  It says: “The Febreeze TV commercial shows blindfolded people in a smelly room that was “Febreezed” describing the smell as “refreshing”.  We tried it: We brought blindfolded people into a room with sardines and a used cat-litter box that was sprayed with Febreeze Air Effects.  They did NOT use words like “refreshing”.  Our conclusion: The room was still smelly, but with fragrance on top.”

The only way to really get rid of odors is to use a Health Guardian air filter, which will eliminate the odors.  The absence of odor really is refreshing.  Putting fragrances on top of other odors just doesn’t cut it, no matter what brand you try!