Too Much: Air Pollution

In the November 2013 Reader’s Digest Joel K. Kahn, M.D., clinical professor of medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine and director of cardiac wellness at Michigan Healthcare Professionals, wrote an article called “Sneaky Heart Stressors” (see full article here). His article says: “These less well-known issues have been affecting my patients… ‘Too much: Air Pollution’. Chemicals in polluted air may increase inflammation in the body and promote oxidation, the rusting of important organs (like your heart). Scientists in Vancouver, British Columbia, found that increases in traffic pollution and noise were linked with a 6 percent increase in heart-disease related deaths over nearly ten years. When factories in Beijing closed for two months around the 2008 Summer Olympics to improve air quality, citizens experienced better blood pressure and artery health. Steer clear of secondhand smoke, keep a distance form the exhaust of trucks and cars when outside, and avoid situations in which air quality is poor, such as grilling indoors.” With my Health Guardian air purifier I never need to worry because I know my indoor air quality is excellent.